The Equiwent Team - farrier Markus Raabe and equine physiotherapist Tiffany Hild in Germany and Europe

The Farrier team “Equiwent” is fast establishing itself and becoming well known as a result of extensive publicity through popular print media and TV appearances.

We are working all over Europe, the USA and Australia.

Equiwent specialises in high quality modern and orthopaedic hoof shoes and cater for sporting horses on a high dressage level.  Equiwent also has one of the best and well known equine physiotherapist Tiffany Hild who has worked extensively with acute injuries, overuse injuries, chronic conditions, pain due to poorly fitting tack and rehabilitation after fractures, tendon injuries or surgery.

The combination of equine physiotherapy and shoeing enables a holistic treatment for horses.

Every horse is assessed and examined by both the physiotherapist and ferrier.  Markus Raabe offers hoof trimming and shoeing.  In ordinary cases, each hoof is trimmed to retain its proper orientation to the ground.  If the horse has a heavy work load, works on abrasive footing, needs additional traction, or has pathological changes in the hoof, then shoes may be required.  He also treats injured and diseased hooves and applies special shoes for racing, training or “cosmetic” purposes.  

Markus Raabe has extensive experience in navicular syndrome, laminitis and hoof cancer.  Horses from all over the world are brought to our Team to be successfully treated.

The hoof shoeing duo works throughout Europe handling difficult cases, especially in high dressage sport.  Equiwent are also active in horse protection and the plight of working horses in Europe.

Does your horse have hoof problems or if you can’t show your horse’s full potential just give us a call.  We speak English and German 

Markus Raabe